A dual battery system is a great way to keep the beers cold for the day whilst still being able to start the vehicle the following day. Or maybe you want to charge a phone or tablet via USB without turning the car to accessories. A 240V inverter enables you to run household items such as a television or power tools and running this to an auxiliary battery enables you to do this without having to have the car running. This is perfect for a tradie on the go or for camping and the team at QG Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning can install the system for you anywhere on Brisbane’s north side.

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Battery Recharging Myths in Brisbane

There is a slight myth going around that the only way to isolate your two batteries on modern vehicles is to use a DC to DC charger. On some vehicles this may be the case, on other vehicles however it is not. The difference in price between a Smart Solenoid and a DC to DC charger is about $350, so the use of a Smart Solenoid can really save you money!

If your vehicle has an “ECU Controlled Variable Voltage” Alternator, you need a DC to DC. If you have a fixed voltage alternator or a temperature-controlled alternator, you can get away with a smart solenoid – provided you pair it with the correct battery.

The three main types of deep cycle battery are Lead Acid, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and a Calcium type battery. A Calcium battery needs to be charged at approx. 15.4V (Your alternator will range from 13.2-14.4V) so a DC to DC charger is a must to ensure longevity of your battery. AGM batteries require approx. 14.5V, so you may get away with a smart solenoid but it is preferred to have a DC to DC. A lead Acid deep cycle battery only requires about 13.8V to charge so if you pair this with a smart isolator, you will be fine and save yourself up to $350 in the process.

For more information visit the Redarc Dual Battery Calculator, you can type in your vehicle information and it will inform you what type of alternator your vehicle has under the bonnet. Keep in mind that it will always recommend its own products and a DC to DC charger, however as previously explained, you may have options…

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