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Brisbane’s harsh climate means air conditioning has become a necessity rather than a luxury in modern day times. At QG Auto Electrical, we can Service, Repair and Re-Gas your air conditioning system for you, with all work carried out by experienced, professional and most importantly licenced technicians.

If your Air Conditioning is not operating as good as it once did, we get to the bottom of the problem using a combination of our specialty tools and machines, our decades of experience in the field and our work ethic that strives to minimise down time for you as the customer.

The Air Conditioning system is made up of 5 major components that move refrigerant through your system that results in your cabin fan blowing cold air on to you during those hot summer days. Whether you need a Compressor, Condenser, TX Valve, Receiver Drier or Evaporator – we have an extensive network of aftermarket and genuine suppliers locally and nationally to get you the best part at the right price.

Why Service your Air Conditioning if it is already working? 

Industry standards do differ, however common practice is to replace the receiver drier (the air conditioning filter) every 2 years during a service, or anytime the system has been opened and exposed to air. The reason for this is your system is completely sealed, and during the servicing or regassing process, the system is put in to a deep vacuum to ensure no oxygen is in the system. This is because once air mixes with the compressors oil (especially as the oil becomes older) it becomes acidic and can very slowly start to eat holes in to metal objects. The Receiver Drier (Filter) absorbs moisture (which contains oxygen) and like all filters, over time becomes full and stops filtering, which leads to damage in your system. The servicing process involves new oil for your compressor, new o-rings and evacuating all the oxygen from the system – combined with replacing the filter, limits the chance of damage to your air conditioning system which results in costly repairs.

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Trucks and Earthmoving Air Conditioning Servicing and Repairs can be done on site by our field service technicians, at this stage all light vehicles (cars) are restricted to our workshop only.

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